Two years ago in the summer, we spent a lot of time kayak fishing in Port O’Connor, Texas. It was hot, and we were looking for a cold refreshment while on the water. Wanting to make sure we wouldn’t be paddling under the influence, we found Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn Golden Non-Alcoholic Beer. Some people will think, why drink beer without alcohol in it? At some point in adulthood, you might like the taste of beer. This happened to me, and I enjoy the taste of beer, but I don’t always want the calories or buzz. Athletic Brewing makes a variety of other NA beers and two IPAs that tick the boxes for C. Last year, we noticed a big uptick in different breweries making NA beers, such as Heineken, Blue Moon, Guinness, Budweiser, Busch, Coors, etc. I’ve even noticed NA White Claw and other seltzers. This winter, our local grocery store carried the Athletic Brewing Wit’s Peak, which is hands down one of the best NA beers I’ve had. The Blue Moon is a close runner-up. One of my biggest benefits is that they are very low in calories (some as low as 45 calories), which helps me stay on track with my quest to eat/drink healthier. We decided to start a list of places with NA beer options – because sometimes you want to hang out at a bar and visit for the atmosphere, not the alcohol.